Benchmarking IT agility: 
How does your organization stack up?

When it comes to agility, how does your IT team compare to other organizations in your vertical?

Business agility has become a growing topic of conversation for many organizations. In a recent Softchoice Cloud Readiness Survey, 67% of respondents indicated that an increase in business agility is the reason the organization is migrating to the cloud. This was second to higher performance levels.   

With growing demands from C-level executives to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace, we thought it would be interesting to see how IT departments rank their agility. Is your department behind, in place, or outpacing the competition?     

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executives ranked organizations agility both as critical to business success and as a growing importance over time.


- McKinsey

Why Take The Survey: What To Expect 

By taking the 5 minutes to complete the survey below, you'll be one step closer to understanding how agility within your organization compares to others. Expect to answer questions that focus on the following:

  • Timelines on setting up a new application for a business unit
  • Accuracy in reporting SLAs back to the business
  • Potential barriers to improving agility  

The survey results will be shared within the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in having a personalized review of your survey results compared to the survey averages, provide your contact details at the end of the survey.