That Old Server Is Burning a Hole In the Company Wallet

We understand that not all organizations are financially ready to migrate to the cloud. While you may not realize it, you could be spending more money on outdated servers.

Stop Wasting Money On Old Servers

Many IT teams are still operating with traditional data center set-ups. In fact, Gartner reported that worldwide server revenue grew 16% in the third quarter of 2017. Yet the business demands are still growing. Agility, optimizing costs and innovation are required characteristics of today's IT teams. Are your servers able to keep up?

You make the decision to operate an organization with a traditional data center. What's not controlled are external changes. Customer demands continue to grow which increase demands on operational support. Servers that are approaching the four-year lifecycle begin to struggle to keep up with growth and the ability to support new applications. IT teams that neglect to upgrade a server infrastructure in a timely fashion can lose up to 39% of peak performance, add up to 40% in application management costs, and 148% in server administration costs. Dell EMC reports that servers operating costs in years 4-6 of deployed life are more than 10x higher than the initial acquisition cost of a new server.

A prolonged refresh cycle exposes organizations to higher costs. While diminishing the ability to support core business operations. Transformation, agility, and IT initiatives that drive improved business results and are also affected.

Reasons to upgrade servers:

  • Relative server performance declines as invested costs increase
  • New features improve management efficiency
  • Soon to expire warranties
  • Optimized systems improve performance
  • Improved reliability vs. reduced system failure
  • Financing options help budget challenges

When operating servers past a four year lifecycle, annual cost per server support increases by




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