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Get rid of the risks of end-of-life Cisco devices.

•Umbrella adds a new layer of breach protection and enforces security without adding latency or complexity. Umbrella stops threats very early by identifying where attacks are being staged on the internet.

•Protects devices both on and off the corporate network – without relying on a VPN to always be on.

•It’s cloud delivered so it is always up-to-date

•Unlike proxy, Umbrella blocks malicious Internet activity at the DNS layer before an IP connection is ever attempted.  Plus, Umbrella blocks direct IP connections that bypass DNS lookups. So regardless of what port or protocol is used, we have customers protected.

•Integrate with existing tools and feeds to extend protection and enrich your incident response data

•Global infrastructure handles over 80 billion internet request a day, which our security engine analyzes to learn where attacks are being staged even before the first victim is hit.

Take the CAR Assessment, get a Google Home Mini!


Top Feature of a Cisco Asset Review:

The Cisco Asset Review gives you concrete insights to track and secure your networking devices. Fully-funded, delivered by Softchoice experts.

Plus: Get a free Google Home Mini when you are done


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See All the Ways a Cisco Asset Review Can Help

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How to unlock the smart in your enterprise.


Prepare your Network for Hybrid IT



Softchoice Services Helps Government Organization Meet Significant Business Goals

"Our good relationship with Softchoice is ongoing, and has helped us meet several diversified goals across different technology frameworks (VOIP, Network, Storage, Wireless)."

—Shane Hudson, IT Manager, City of Moncton

  • A unified view of the Cisco devices within your environment
  • Reports on expired/orphaned maintenance, uncovered equipment or EOL/EOS status
  • Recommendations for consolidating, co-terming, and managing support contracts
  • It’s a fully-funded (no cost to you), consultative report, delivered by Softchoice experts

Are you putting your business at risk with out-dated networking equipment?

Managing, tracking and updating all the equipment in your network is a complex nightmare — one which most organizations are failing to get right.

Based on research with Softchoice customers, we found 96% of organizations had End of Sale devices in their production environment. Worse, 73% had End of Life devices on the network.

If you have out-dated Cisco devices in your environment, you are putting your organization at risk — of being hacked, adding costs and stretching out downtimes in the event of hardware failure. There’s no need for this!

Get clarity and secure your network with Cisco Asset Review

With Softchoice’s Cisco Asset Review (CAR), we identify the status of the devices on your network and develop a plan of attack on how to upgrade your gear using an industry best-standard approach.

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